Custom Design Cakes 

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Mother to 2 brilliant boys and wife to a husband who watches his waist line. And I love to create cakes (go figure!). Started making cakes and cake toppers 4 years ago and haven’t stopped since. Worried about the greys in my hair and lines around my eyes.


Creative Cake/Cake Topper Designer

Ex-Corporate VP Who Found Her True Passion!! Since I was a little kid I loved making things. I loved making felt mascots, yarn dolls - anything that I could create with my hands. I found my love for baking when I was 13 in my mother's kitchen in Japan. BTW now she’s the bagel maven of Japan! Hats off to my mom. In the meantime, while I was busy selling my soul to the evil corporate empire making $, I completely neglected that creative side of my soul. As you know, if you are a creative person and don't use the left side of the brain, you eventually become disheartened. Well, that is what happened to me. I neglected my family and myself long enough and I began hating my role in the Corporate World. So when the massive layoffs hit Wall St, I took the chance to walk away and since then I have been happier than ever. I now practice my art daily and am proud to say that I am making a living at it everyday. It is THE BEST feeling in the world when your kids brag about you: "MY mom can make ANYTHING with fondant!!" Woo hoo, I am the cake mom!!!

The Sugar Artist/Cake Designer